#715 Noivern

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The ultrasonic waves it emits from its ears can reduce a large boulder to pebbles. It swoops out of the dark to attack.
– Pokemon Y Pokedex

Noivern was the one of the first Gen 6 Pokemon to be revealed. Its claim to fame is that Flying is its primary type rather than secondary type (not that primary or secondary really matters when it comes to gameplay mechanics). It’s also the fastest Dragon type Pokemon. And currently the last non-legendary Pokemon in the Pokedex.

In the anime, Pansy/Alexa had a Noivern.

Its design is very much sound-based, and I’m sure if there was a Sound type, Noivern would be a prime candidate. Though I’m not sure if it would keep its Flying type or Dragon type.

The giant circles in its ears are supposed to be modelled after speakers I guess. But I cannot unsee them as eyes, sort of hypnotic eyes….

Asides from its good Speed, Noivern has good Sp Attack (which works well with its learnset) and decent defenses. It can learn Boomburst, which is a base 140 Normal type special move that hits all targets around, including your ally, but Pokemon with Soundproof is immune to it. It would be an interesting double battle combination to have Noivern and Exploud, who has Soundproof. Exploud also can learn Boomburst, and Noivern has Telepathy as a hidden ability, so they can both Boomburst without damaging each other =D The only downside I suppose are Ghost types, since Boomburst is a Normal type move.

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