#663 Talonflame

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When attacking prey, it can reach speeds of up to 310 mph. It finishes its prey off with a colossal kick.
– Pokemon Y Pokedex

Talonflame is one of my favourite Pokemon from Gen 6. Even before the game, I loved its design when I first saw it (I love falcons). And even though I picked Fennekin as my starter, I wanted Talonflame as my flier, despite both being Fire type. Even though Fire/Flying isn’t a great type combination (dem Rocks, especially Stealth Rocks *sobs*), I’m glad there’s finally a Fireflier that’s not legendary, or Charizard.

Talonflame’s Pokedex entry says it can fly at 310 mph. It’s based on a falcon, and according to Wikipedia, the highest measured speed of Peregrine Falcon is 242 mph. Although, compared to Pidgeot’s Pokedex entry claiming Mach 2 speed, which is around 1522 mph (despite Talonflame having higher Speed than Pidgeot), Talonflame’s Pokedex entry is slightly more realistic and believable.

Talonflame’s normal ability being Flame Body (which halves egg hatching steps), plus its ability to Fly, makes it the perfect egg warmer (Volcarona also has these two properties btw). My Talonflame (named Honoo) is my second Pokemon in X that reached level 100.

The greatest attribute that sets Talonflame apart from all the other bird Pokemon though, is its hidden ability Gale Wings, which makes all Flying type moves increase in priority by one. Priority Brave Bird is quite useful. Also, I just love Brave Bird’s animation in Gen 6. Priority Tailwind and Roost are helpful as well. Talonflame is pretty fast as it is at base 126 Speed, so it can also make use of its other STAB of Flare Blitz. Talonflame is pretty much a kamikaze pilot >__< (though I named mine "Endymion" as a Gundam SEED reference)

Another option would be (priority) Flying Gem Acrobatics, although currently we can't get Flying Gem yet.

To counter Rock types, Talonflame does learn Steel Wing (the only family besides Skarmory to learn it by levelup), although I find it usually better to switch out, 'cause unfortunately no STAB and base 70 usually isn't enough (and Talonflame is pretty useless against Water/Rock Pokemon). But Steel Wing is a good for countering Fairy types.

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