#686 Inkay

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It flashes the light-emitting spots on its body, which drains its opponent’s will to fight. It takes the opportunity to scuttle away and hide.
– Pokemon Y Pokedex

Inkay is a member of the first (and so far only) Dark/Psychic family. It’s a decent type combination, only weak to Fairy and Bug (though it’s a 4x weakness). It’s based on a squid, but is not Water type. It doesn’t have Levitate, but its animation has it floating.

In the anime, James caught an Inkay, who was stealing his sandwiches. Its Japanese name is “Maaiika”, which sounds like “ma, iika”, which means “oh well”, which is what James said when it stole his sandwiches. It’s quite cute, and likes to floating upside down.

Inkay has a unique evolution method. It evolves by level-up (at least level 30) when the 3DS is upside down. I think the 3DS has to be upside down while it gains the level, and it took me a couple of tries to get it right. Its evolutionary method makes sense for it, since it’s the Revolving Pokemon (and Malamar is the Overturning Pokemon). Inkay is the total opposite in demeaner and expression as Malamar, and Inkay’s tentacles are at the bottom whereas Malamar’s are at the top.

1 thought on “#686 Inkay

  1. Your doing such a good job! I love all of the designs you do. I can’t wait for Malamar! How long does it take you to make one pokemon?

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