Pokedex Complete!

Sorry for the lack of updates lately. This is what I’ve been doing:

This is the first time I’ve completed my National Pokedex. I completed the Unova dex and Habitat list in White 2, but got bored and didn’t finish the national dex.

It helped that I completed the Kalos dex before Bank came out, so I was mostly there. Since Bank came out, I went back to all my previous Pokemon games and gathered my Pokemon. I have most of the legendaries (thanks to White 2 being generous with them, including events). The only ones I don’t actually have are Jirachi, Shaymin, Manaphy and Phione; I traded to have them tagged.

And since Bank gives you lots and lots of box space, I’m in the process of making a living Pokedex (ie have every Pokemon available). I’ve also collected my in-game teams from all the games I’ve played into a sort of Hall of Fame, though I kind of feel bad taking Pokemon away from past trainers lol.

18 thoughts on “Pokedex Complete!

    1. Thanks! I actually spent more time filling the dex in White 2 than in X; XY made it a lot easier to level up multiple Pokemon due to the Exp Share lol.

      The hardest Pokemon to find for me was probably the starters; I have most of them via past games, but I needed my boyfriend to breed me a Chikorita and Turtwig since I’ve never used those as my starters.

      And also the Porygon family was a pain lol. Porygons have always been rare (game corner Pokemon usually). And the only way to get the evolution items are through the Battle Maison, for 32 BP each X.x

  1. I’m trying to acomplish both things: a live full national pokedex!! To fill the dex entries, I’m only missing Shaymin and Keldeo :/

    If by chance you get a few more of those, I would be very interested in trading them! I don’t know what I could offer tho :/


  2. That’s awesome!!! That’s what I’m looking for!!!

    I’m only missing Shaymin and Keldeo to fill the dex entries, but I’m ttying to build a live dex in my boxes too!

    If by chance you get a few extra ones, I would be very interested in trading, but I can’t imagine what I could possibly offer you 😛

    (I do have White and White2, so I would also want a Thundurus and a Registeel in those to catch Landorus and Regigigas, but that’s even crazier talk :P)

    Congratulations!!! Hope a new region in unlocked using Couriway’s train and even more Pokemons appear!!! 😀

    1. I can’t help you with Shaymin since I need one too lol, and I need my Keldeo for my dex…

      Unfortunately I already transferred my Thundurus and Registeel to X so I can’t really help you there either, sorry!

      Good luck with the live dex! I can help you there if you need a Pokemon that’s not a legendary lol

      Yeah I hope there’s more to the Couriway train and it’s not just leading to some boring area with an event legendary or something…

      1. Oh, that sucks hahaha
        The non-legendary ones are basically ready, only missing a few I’ve traded to get the legendaries (like Weavile or Gliscor, but I’m already getting my BP to fix that)

        Good luck with your live dex too!! 🙂

        See you in the land far from Kalos!!

  3. Congratulations! I am also working on a living dex, and I thought that it was impossible to trade event Pokemon over the GTS. Did you trade with a friend, or another method?

    1. Thanks! I traded with my boyfriend for the ones I don’t have. I’m going to play Ranger to get Manaphy and Phione, and hope for a Jirachi and Shaymin event some time soon… (I really wish we got a Shaymin from Bank instead of Celebi, I have like 2 Celebis already from the Black/White launch event with the shiny dogs lol)

  4. You’re wrong about the evolution items. You can get them from the pgl by playing balloon pop. That’s how I completed my dex. That and help from friends.

  5. Wow much poise. Congrats though, I just completed my national Dex as well (with the exception of all the events less Celebi, Darkrai, and Phione (don’t ask)). I made a “living Dex” in my PC btw, scrolling through seeing Bulbasaur all the way to Zygarde is very rewarding so do it if you can! And yes, the porys are a pain in the ass.

  6. I hope you will post soon.
    I really like your wallpapers, i downloaded all regions(pictures) and set them to my windows as my desktop wallpaper.
    And if i can ask you a favor: could you make a big wallpaper of ash with pikachu, bulbasaur, squirtle and charizard, and maybe Misty and Brock.


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