Pokemon Center

Sorry for the lack of updates guys, things came up…

I’m making this post from Tokyo. Yesterday, I went to the Pokemon Center in Yokohama and spent way too much money lol.

This is just one of the two bags of stuff

5 thoughts on “Pokemon Center

  1. Maple, I got some suggestions for you, which I would really like to see:
    -A wallpaper of Ash Ketchum with his pikachu
    -More trainers, like Brock, Misty, Dawn, May, Max, Professor oak, and all the others.
    -A wallpaper of the pokemon logo ❤
    -Some wallpapers with attacking pokemon, like pikachu thunderbolt, bulbasaur vine whip, squirtle water gun, etc.

    1. That’s a really good idea! One wallpaper with Team Rocket would be awesome as well 😀

      Amazing job sir, I love it!

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