Mega Alakazam

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Its brain cells multiply continually until it dies. As a result, it remembers everything.
– Pokemon X Pokédex

SPOOOOOOOONNNNS!!!! aka Mega Alakazam. It turned into more of a hermit, and gained 3 more spoons (the exact number of spoons required to eat a horde of Vanillite). I like how when it faints, it drops all its spoons.

I’ve cosplayed as Sabrina (HGSS version) and battled people at conventions using a Psychic team, and Alakazam as my mega. I don’t see a lot of people using Alakazam as their mega. Alakazam already has amazing Sp Attack and Speed, and Megakazam got even more Sp Attack and Speed (175 and 150 respectively). A lot of people seem surprised at being out-sped by Megakazam; they don’t realize it’s the 3rd fastest Pokemon (after Speed Deoxys and Ninjask). Unfortunately you don’t get the speed boost on the turn you mega evolve, so Alakazam can get outsped by things like Jolteon and (already mega evolved) Mega Gengar.

It hits pretty hard, and learns a decent number of coverage moves. Unfortunately it has paper thin Defense. And despite being so fast, it gets taken down by priority moves (especially Sucker Punch, so much Sucker Punch >__< ) or Gale Wings Talonflame. But if a team doesn't have a priority user, or a good tank, Megazam can tear through teams pretty quickly.

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