#20 Raticate (Alolan)

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This gourmet Pokémon is particular about the taste and freshness of its food. Restaurants where Raticate live have a good reputation.
– Pokemon Moon Pokédex

If you thought normal Raticate was fat, Faticate Alolan Raticate is even fatter. It’s the first totem Pokemon in Moon. But because it has taken a Dark typing in addition to its Normal type, it’s super weak to Fighting types. It’s the only Normal/Dark family.

I never knew that its tastes in food are supposed to be so… refined. It seems contradictory, that a restaurant where rats live have good reputation; in our world that would fail some sort of health code I would think. Is that a reference to Ratatouille perhaps?

Stat-wise it’s slower and has less Attack than its Kanto form, trading offensive stats for some defensive ones.

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