#784 Kommo-o

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When it spots enemies, it threatens them by jingling the scales on its tail. Weak opponents will crack and flee in panic.
– Pokémon Sun Pokédex

Kommo-o is the pseudo-legendary Pokemon of Gen 7. Its type combination of Dragon/Fighting is unique to its family.

Many of its moves are based on sound, including its signature move, Clanging Scales. It’s a 110 Power 100 Accuracy, at a cost of lowering its own Defense by 1 stage after, but does not work against Pokemon with Soundproof (which is one of Kommo-o’s abilities actually).

Stat-wise, Attack and Defense are its best stats, but it also has good Sp Att and Sp Def, at a cost of HP and Speed.

In Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon, Kommo-o is getting an exclusive Z-move based off Clanging Scales, called Clangorous Soulblaze. In addition to doing damage, it raises all stats by 1 stage, and hits all opponents in multi-battles.

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