#694 Helioptile

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They make their home in deserts. They can generate their energy from basking in the sun, so eating food is not a requirement.
– Pokémon X Pokédex

Helioptile is the first (and currently only) Normal/Electric Pokemon. It’s found on route 9 in Kalos, the route where you ride Rhyhorn. I remember encountering it by “accidentally stepping on it”. Ouch, being stepped on by a Rhyhorn is no small deal, poor thing!

Stat-wise, it has good Speed and decent Sp Atk, but pretty low defenses. One of its abilities is Dry Skin, and it can learn Surf, so it can actually pair up with a Water Absorb Pokemon in double battle and heal each other with Surf. Or it can team up with a Lightningrod or Volt Absorb (or a Ground type) partner and use Parabolic Charge to heal itself.

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