#697 Tyrantrum

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Nothing could stop this Pokémon 100 million years ago, so it behaved like a king.
– Pokémon Y Pokédex

Tyrantrum is one of the fossil Pokemon of gen 6. It has the unique (to its family) typing of Rock/Dragon. It has the ability Strong Jaw, which boosts the power of biting moves by 50%. It’s based on a T-Rex, though it’s actually pretty small compared to real T-Rexes, being only 2.5m compared to rl ones at 4.6 – 6.1 m. It also weighs only 270.0 kg where T-Rexes can weight 20x that.

Stat-wise, as expected of a T-Rex based Pokemon, it has high Attack (though not as high as Rampardos), good Defense, and ok Speed.

1 thought on “#697 Tyrantrum

  1. Very nice, I like it a lot. I hope some day they do a velociraptor pokemon, maybe a rock/electric with high speed and attack (with some feathers).

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