#666 Vivillon

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Vivillon with many different patterns are found all over the world. These patterns are affected by the climate of their habitat.
– Pokémon X Pokédex

Vivillon was the only bug type Pokemon introduced in Gen 6. It has a special gimmick in that the pattern on its wings differ depending on the region you set your 3DS to. There are 20 different patterns in total (18 regular ones and 2 event ones). For the Pokewall, I chose the Meadow Pattern, which is the pattern from French 3DSes. I picked this one because it’s the one Viola has. When you breed Vivillons, the form depends on the region it’s bred, so if you breed an out of region Vivillon, the new one will have the region of your game. It’s an interesting idea that gets people to trade, but annoying if you want to have a complete forme dex…

When gen 6 first came out, people wondered what Pokemon will get the 666th dex number. Turns out it’s this butterfly.

Stat-wise, it has good Speed and Sp Atk, but really low defenses. However, it has access to Sleep Powder and Quiver Dance, so despite being an early bug Pokemon with terrible defensive typing, Vivillon can actually be competitvely viable. Its ability Compound Eyes raises accuracy by 30%, so Sleep Powder has almost 100% chance of hitting.

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