#721 Volcanion

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It lets out billows of steam and disappears into the dense fog. It’s said to live in mountains where humans do not tread.
– Pokémon X Pokédex

Volcanion is an event legendary of Gen 6. It’s the last gen 6 Pokemon in the Pokedex. It has a unique type of Fire/Water (which seem to be contradictory types. I hope we’ll get more like these, such as Fire/Grass and Fire/Ice Pokemon).

It stars in the 19th Pokemon movie, Volcanion and the Mechanical Marvel, where it’s shown to have a special relationship with Magearna. Its kind of has an old man personality, and does not trust humans.

Its signature move, Steam Eruption, is like a stronger version of Scald; 110 base power and 30% chance to burn. Stat-wise, being a legendary Pokemon, Volcanion has high base stat total. It has very high Sp Atk, but also good Defense and Attack. It has low Speed (because it’s a big lumbering Pokemon I guess?)

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