#768 Golisopod

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With a flashing slash of its giant sharp claws, it cleaves seawater—or even air—right in two.
– Pokémon Sun Pokédex

Golisopod is the evolved form of Wimpod. I never looked at it too closely before, but it has quite tiny legs and feet, I wonder how it manages to hold up its own weight on those (and it’s pretty heavy, weighing 108kg / 238lbs).

It technically has a unique ability in Emergency Exit, though it does the same thing as Wimpod’s Wimp Out (I guess they’re different due to lore, since Wimpod escapes due to being weak, but Golisopod escapes via “strategic retreat”, haha). Emergency Exit will switch the user out when its HP drops below half (or in wild battles, flee). It is not prevented by trapping moves or abilities (such as Mean Look or Arena Trap). The user is switched out immediately, so if Golisopod is slower than its opponent and gets hit for more than half of its HP, it basically loses a turn.

Team Skull’s leader Guzma has a Golisopod, and I found that due to its ability, fighting it was pretty easy. As long as your Pokemon isn’t weak to bug or can take a hit from its First Impression.

First Impression is Golisopod’s signature move (though it can be learned by Farfetch’d by breeding). Its priority is +2, so it has higher priority than most priority moves (such as Quick Attack or Ice Shard), but lower than Fake Out. It has 90 base power, which is the highest of priority moves. Like Fake Out, First Impression can only be used the first turn the user is out. However, if the user switches out, it can use it again when it switches out. This seems to work with Golisopod’s ability in theory, to give it 2 chances for First Impression.

Stat-wise, it has very high Defense and Attack, decent Sp Def, but is really slow. This means that it is likely to get hit, activate its ability to retreat, thus losing a turn.

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