#779 Bruxish

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When it unleashes its psychic power from the protuberance on its head, the grating sound of grinding teeth echoes through the area.
– Pokémon Sun Pokédex

Bruxish is a very garish Pokemon, with its bright colours and exaggerated features. It has no evolutionary family.

It has a signature ability in Dazzling, which prevents priority moves (including moves boosted to priority by skills like Prankster) from being used on it or its allies. It also has a signature move in Psychic Fangs, which is a base 85 physical Psychic move that removes Reflect/Light Screen/Aurora Veil (basically a psychic version of Brick Break). It can be bred onto other Pokemon like Girafarig, Carvanha, and Lillipup.

Stat-wise, it has decent Attack and Speed.

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