#767 Wimpod

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This Pokémon is a coward. As it desperately dashes off, the flailing of its many legs leaves a sparkling clean path in its wake.
– Pokémon Sun Pokédex

Wimpod is kind of like the Magikarp of Gen 7; it doesn’t learn any moves via level-up (and only knows Struggle Bug and Sand Attack). It’s kind of unique in that it can be encountered via over-world sprites, and they’ll run away from you, so you’d have to sneak up on it in order to get an encounter.

Wimpod has a unique ability in Wimp Out, which will make it switch out (or flee in wild battle) when below 50% HP, which means quick balls are the best way to catch wild Wimpods.

Stat-wise, it’s pretty fast, but its other stats are all pretty low.

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