#735 Gumshoos

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It adores having Rattata and Raticate for dinner, but as it’s diurnal, it never encounters them. This Pokémon boasts incredible patience.
– Pokémon Moon Pokédex

Gumshoos, aka the Donald Trump Pokemon. In the anime it’s shown to be feared by Rattata and Raticate, but I never realized that its Pokedex entry talks about eating them =\

Its family has a signature ability, Stakeout, which doubles damage against Pokemon being switched in (kind of the opposite of Pursuit, which does double damage to the outgoing Pokemon). Gumshoos learns Pursuit by level up, but since Pursuit occurs before the Pokemon is being switched it, it won’t hit the Pokemon coming in (thus not activating Stakeout.

Being the early rodent Pokemon of Gen 7, it’s stats aren’t very notable. It does have very high Attack, but its other stats are relatively low, the lowest being its Speed at only 45.

1 thought on “#735 Gumshoos

  1. You seem to have gen 6 finished, but there is no gen 6 archive. Please update the download archives so I can add another generation of amazing wallpapers to my back ground selection.

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