#802 Marshadow

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Able to conceal itself in shadows, it never appears before humans, so its very existence was the stuff of myth.
– Pokémon Sun Pokédex

Marshadow is an event legendary Pokemon of Gen 7. It stars in the 20th Pokemon movie, I choose You.

Its type combination of Fighting/Ghost is unique. It has a signature move in Spectral Thief, which is a 90 base power physical Ghost type move, that steals the target’s stat boosts before doing damage. It can be upgraded to Marshadow’s exclusive Z-move, Soul-Stealing 7-Star Strike with the Marshadium Z. The move itself is a 195 base power physical Ghost type move with no secondary effects.

Stat-wise, it has very good Attack and Speed. Being a legendary Pokemon, its other stats are pretty high as well.

2 thoughts on “#802 Marshadow

  1. yes! i have been waiting patiently for marshadow and it’s finally paid off! that being said, do you think you could do a shiny version of his zenith form? (it’s when the green areas are a purple color)

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