#765 Oranguru

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Known for its extreme intelligence, this Pokémon will look down on inexperienced Trainers, so it’s best suited to veteran Trainers.
– Pokémon Sun Pokédex

Oranguru doesn’t evolve from or to anything, but can be seen as a counterpart to Passimian; Oranguru is exclusive to Moon / UltraMoon, while Passimian is exclusive to Sun / UltraSun; though strangely, Oranguru is Normal/Psychic while Passimian is just Fighting.

In the anime, there is an Oranguru that lives in a hut in the forest. It acts as a bartender and mixes drinks for troubled people and listens to their problems.

Stat-wise, it has Sp Def as its highest stat, but it also has pretty good Sp Atk and HP. It has a signature move in Instruct, where it makes the target Pokemon use the last move it just used immediately; it can be used on the foe, or an ally.

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