#754 Lurantis

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It requires a lot of effort to maintain Lurantis’s vivid coloring, but some collectors enjoy this work and treat it as their hobby.
– Pokémon Moon Pokédex

Despite looking like it should be Bug type, Lurantis is a Grass Pokemon. Its UltraSun Pokedex says that pretends it’s a Bug Pokemon for “self-protection”. But I’m not sure how that helps, Bug shares a couple of common weaknesses with Grass; maybe protection from Poison type Pokemon I guess? It seems to be based on the Orchid Mantis… except it’s backwards, since the Orchid Mantis is a bug that pretends to be a plant.

Even though it’s not Bug type, it does learn a few Bug type moves by level-up, due to its blade-like arms. It has a signature move in Solar Blade, which is basically a physical version of Solar Beam; it has 125 base power, and requires a turn to charge, unless it’s being used during Sunny weather.

Lurantis appears as a Totem Pokemon in the Lush Jungle. It can call upon an ally Castform that will use Sunny Day to help it use 1-turn Solar Blade.

Stat-wise, it has good Attack, and pretty good defenses, but is relatively slow.

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