#807 Zeraora

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It electrifies its claws and tears its opponents apart with them. Even if they dodge its attack, they’ll be electrocuted by the flying sparks.
– Pokémon Ultra Moon Pokédex

Zeraora is the new event legendary (Mythical) Pokemon added in Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon. It’s the last Pokemon in the Alolan Pokedex. It’s the only Electric type Mythical Pokemon.

It appears in the 21st Pokemon movie, as well as an arc in the Sun/Moon anime series.

The thing that looks like a tail is actually more of a ponytail, as it’s attached to its head. It doesn’t look that vicious, but its Pokedex entries are pretty brutal, saying that it tears its opponent apart limb from limb, yikes!

Stat-wise, it has high Speed, good Attack and Sp Attack, and low defenses. Pretty typical of Electric type Pokemon.

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