#76 Golem (Alolan)

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It fires rocks charged with electricity. Even if the rock isn’t fired that accurately, just grazing an opponent will cause numbness and fainting.
– Pokémon Sun Pokédex

Alolan Golem is Rock/Electric type. It has a railgun on its back, which it uses to shoot boulders. Its Moon Pokedex entry says it’s known to shoot Geodude instead, and this is demonstrated in the anime. It has facial “hair” and eyebrows made of magnetic iron sand, which, in an episode of the anime, was seen can be removed.

Its Hidden ability is Galvanize, which is unique to its family; it changes Normal moves to Electric moves and boosts it by 20%. I’m not sure how useful it is; I mean sure it gets STAB and a power boost, but it would make all of Golem’s Normal moves useless against Ground type Pokemon.

Alolan Golem has the same stats as Kanto Golem. It has high Attack and Defense, but low Speed, Sp Attack and Sp Defense.

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