Mega Salamence

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Mega Evolution fuels its brutality, and it may even turn on the Trainer who raised it. It’s been dubbed “the blood-soaked crescent.”
– Pokémon Moon Pokédex

I drew this comic 5 years ago when I first saw its design. I also feel like Salamence is a Pokemon that doesn’t really need a mega, since it already has good stats…

Salamence keeps its Dragon/Flying type upon evolution. It’s able to tuck its arms into its harness-like shell in order to go fast, but it just ends up looking like it has stubby arms. Its two wings have fused together to form one crescent shape (according to its Ultra Sun Pokedex entry, “The stress of its two proud wings becoming misshapen and stuck together because of strong energy makes it go on a rampage.”), which causes to become brutal. Wow. I always thought its design was dumb and derpy, but reading its Pokedex entries I kinda feel bad for it.

Mega Salamence has the ability Aerilate, which turns all Normal moves into Flying moves and give a 30% boost. The only other Pokemon with this ability is Mega Pinsir.

Stat-wise, it has 700 BST; it gets a slight boost in all of its stats, but most of it goes into its Defense.

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