Mega Tyranitar

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Due to the colossal power poured into it, this Pokémon’s back split right open. Its destructive instincts are the only thing keeping it moving.
– Pokémon Ultra Sun Pokédex

Wow, Mega Tyranitar’s Pokedex entry is pretty brutal. It looks even more like a Kaiju.

Mega Tyranitar keeps the same type as Tyranitar, Rock/Dark, being the only Pokemon with this type combination. It also keeps the ability Sandstream upon mega evolving. Mega Tyranitar doesn’t really have any additional gimmicks; Tyranitar is already good, and Mega Tyranitar is just Tyranitar with more stats.

Stat-wise, it gains stats in all but Sp Attack. Notably it gains 30 Attack and 40 Defense.

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