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This blog contains Pokemon wallpapers that I have made. I will try to post one per day, starting today. I’m going to offer each one in 3 different aspect ratios: 16:10 (1920×1200), 16:9 (1600×900 1920×1080), and 4:3 (1600×1200).

I’m not making them or posting them in any order, which Pokemon of the day will be on a whim (my whim that is). Besides, it’s more fun this way, you’ll have to check back daily to see which is it. Or, you can subscribe to the blog to get email updates.

However, I don’t mind requests, so if there’s a Pokemon you’d like to see being made into a wallpaper, let me know.

The Pokemon Trainer

I admit, I got into Pokemon waaaayyyyy late. I didn’t have any gaming consoles when I was a kid, and didn’t become a gamer until much later in life.

To show you how late I got into Pokemon, the first Pokemon game I actually played was FireRed, when I was 21 (when I actually got a DS). I have probably seen the Pokemon anime on TV before that, but I just dismissed it as a children’s show.

After FireRed, I played HeartGold a few months after it came out. I think I starting playing that because a lot of my friends were also playing. And so I became a Pokezombie, spending over 300 hours on HG. I played Platinum after that, mostly ’cause items were easier to get than in HG, especially the move tutor. As much as I love doing Battle Tower, move tutor was too expensive in HG. I also started playing Emerald, but I’ve yet to finish it, probably because I don’t really like Gen III Pokemon, or May, but also probably because I got spoiled by HeartGold’s sleeker controls that older versions felt clumsy.

My favourite game is still HeartGold/SoulSilver. I love Kanto and Johto, and its Pokemon. But I also love HG/SS for its interface and game controls. For example, no more need to hold down B to run! The bag is better organized, and all the items are on the DS touch screen, which makes it easier to find things. Also, the Pokemon box (even though it’s still only 18 boxes) is much easier to use now that it’s on the touch screen

Another reason I love HG/SS is because your Pokemon (the first one in your party) walk behind you. It makes them feel more real (and yes, playing this game made me really wish that Pokemon were real and that I could have them as pets), like they’re you’re partners. I love talking to them and seeing their reactions. And I’m sad and disappointed that this feature is not in Black/White.

Lastly, there’s the Pokewalkers. I carry mine with me everywhere, and it makes me feel better about having to walk somewhere instead of driving or taking the bus, haha. I know a lot of people who also have them, so it’s fun to connect with them, and being able to battle their teams in the Trainer’s House.

I have a cosplay of Candice, the gym leader from Snowpoint City of DPP, as part of the Gym Leader squad group cosplay that me and my friends are doing.. I have also raised her teams (Platinum team and rebattle team), which have the correct genders, abilities, and movesets. I hope to have other Pokemon trainers challenge me to a battle when I’m in cosplay.

136 thoughts on “About

  1. I found your site a while ago and it inspired me after downloading many of your wallpapers to create one for my girl, using her favourite pokemon.

    I felt that you would enjoy seeing my work, as it is inspired by yours, and if you like, feel free to post it here one of the days 🙂

  2. I was roaming Google looking for some eevee wallpaper, when I came across this website. You’ve really inspired me to do my own 🙂
    Meganium wallpaper 1600x1200

    I really hope you like it 🙂

  3. “I don’t really like Gen III Pokemon, or May” At least someone like me! 😀

    You should read the Manga, Pokémon Special, they’re awesome! 😀

  4. These wallpapers you make are really damn cool i’m using the mudkip one right now ^_^ thanks keep up the good work.

  5. I just want to say this is a genius idea. Every wallpaper is good looking.

    How do you choose what wallpaper you do next?

    1. Thanks! 🙂

      As for choosing which Pokemon to do next, I guess just whatever I feel like making. I try to spread out the generations or types (like if I haven’t done a fire type for a while, I’ll do a fire type). Sometimes people request a specific Pokemon (feel free to request by commenting 🙂 ). Other times I use a random number generator if I have no idea what to make, haha

  6. I think that a Blastoise would be and awesome looking one! Also I was wondering how the girl up there made the one of the Meganium, the style that she made it in resembles your work and I’d like to try it on my own! Maybe eventually you could add a tutorial!

  7. Hi! I really love your wallpapers. 🙂 Really stylish, and makes me think they’d work well as stick-on decals for various things, too (e.g. laptops, walls), due to the simple and elegant cut-out style. Haha, I have a bunch of them in my wallpaper rotation. Many thanks for all your work!

  8. A friend showed me your wallpapers, and I’ve been hooked since! It’s such an awesome idea – I’m really glad you’re making these wallpapers! Thank you so much for sharing these with the rest of the internets 🙂

    I don’t suppose you could bump a wallpaper of Oddish up on your list? I really love that little guy XD

    Thank you again for ROCKING!

  9. Hi! I really love all of your wallpapers. They are cute and creative. Anyway, it’d be great if you could do Mew sometime in the future, because he(?) is my favorite pokemon. Please?

    Keep up the great work! 😀

  10. Hey last week I looked on google for some pics of Espeon and I couldn’t find any until I stumbled across your website. I love your pictures and your art is AMAZING

    My birthday is this Wednesday and I was wondering if you could do a Hydreigon sometime he is my favorite Pokemon and i would really appreciate it!

    Thank you again 😀

  11. I hate to steal your terrific idea, but I just loved your wallpapers so much that they inspired me to make my own! I hope you don’t mind this. (I’ve already made 6 in just one day. XD) I think I made the ones I made partially because I couldn’t find certain pokemon already made and also because my screen resolution is not listed. =P I plan on making more and posting them on my deviantart account if that’s alright. I haven’t posted any yet, but if you’d like to check them out or anything here’s a link to my profile page:
    -and thanks for the great wallpapers! =D

  12. Hey, MapleRose, I love your site! I keep up with it everyday. I was wondering, could you do Articuno? Or maybe Meowth or Persian? Those are my favorite Pokemon. I would love to see you do those! 😀

  13. Hello, I’ve been visiting this blog cos I love all the wallpapers. My sister’s birthday is about a week and her favourite Pokemon are Minccino, Jolitk and Vanillite (all from the new games). Is it possible if you made one so that I can include it as the background of the birthday card? Thankies in advanced~!

  14. One of the best blogs stumbleupon has ever brought me to! I love your work so much, I can’t wait to see if you ever make a wallpaper of my favorite pokemon.

    I also really admire how accurately you cosplay! 😀 It would be so much fun to battle you at a convention!

    1. thank you 🙂 if you have requests for your favourite Pokemon, feel free to request.

      I’ll be going to Con Bravo at the end of July, although it’s a pretty small local con. I might be Candice again next year at Anime North.

  15. Hi my friend linked me to your site and he told me about all your great wallpapers. These pokemon are really cool, i love how you did the artwork. I wanted to know if you could make a wallpaper of Crobat? He is my favorite pokemon. And also thanks again for all the wallpapers!

  16. Hia ma name is liam i madez myselff rite herrr a picture of a pokamon its realy cul i hope ya likes it i worked 5 days on it can u put on yer blog i think it would be awesam thnaks i also live rite herr in the cuntry where does you live my sharpedo is awesoma and i would like to battle ya sometime on pokemon soal silver i iz good just ask my frinds and here is the link

    1. Hi Liam,

      First of all, please don’t spam my blog, it’s not a forum. Your posts aren’t showing up yet because I have to approve them first.

      Second, I’d love to see what you made. Did you upload the image somewhere? If so, just post the URL link in the comments. Make sure it’s just the URL (ie the thing that shows up in your address bar), and does not have any symbols like in it (or else the link won’t show up)

  17. Hi there :3 Ever since stumbling blindly onto this website, i check it almost every day to see what kind of pokemon you’ve posted. you’re very good at what you do 🙂 I have a…. suggestion? Would it be possible for you to make a Diagla one? I’ll admit it… Diaglas my favourite pokemon, next to the eevees. So… uh, please?

  18. Hi again! I love all these and I just wonder how do you do all these wallpapers? They’re so nice!! I think you should put up a tutorial sometime. ^^`

  19. Wow! I just stumbled on to this website today and was very impressed at how good every one of these wallpapers are so I downloaded every single one 😀 I would looove to see a Metagross on here in time. Good work and keep it up!

  20. There was something wrong with my tweet so i’ll just write a longer version of my tweet here: I I too stumbled across this website when I was randomly Googling. These are the best Pokemon backgrounds ever! Your skills are amazing! Could you please do a Psyduck? Keep up the great work!

  21. I’m so sorry to bother you but I find your wallpapers fantastic, I use some of them on my computer. :3 Can I request for a Litwick theme? I don’t wanna look like I’m rushing you or anything so please take your time. ^^;

  22. I feel like i’m sorta spamming you…But I don’t know if you got my other comment soo..I’ll just leave it on this page.

    I would really love a Virizion wallpaper..Not like rushing you or anything its okay but i would be really awesome if you made one(:

  23. I love these wallpapers. I have Windows 7, and I just have a changing background of all of them! Keep it up! 😀 Also, if you could, I would love a Piplup wallpaper! Don’t feel rushed to do it. Thanks if you do!!v:D

  24. Hi , firstly great job i come here often to see your new walls , my question is that if i could download all your walls in one place instead of downloading one by one btw if you could place rayquaza in your plans it would be great. keep the excellent work.

    1. Hmm, I’m adding more wallpapers each day as I make them, so they won’t be a complete collection if I zip everything. Though I suppose I could do a zip file per month, would that work?

      Okay, I’ll put Rayquaza in my “to-do” queue

  25. Hey your wallpapers are awesome, I downloaded a bunch and did the same as Piplupi1210. I freaking love it. Could you please add Dragonite to your to do list? That’s the first and only pokemon I ever got to lvl 100 so yeah, that one means a lot to me. And now I feel like a mega nerd lol.

  26. … And then I come back the next day to see that you had done a Dragonite and my asking was probably unnecessary. I freaking love you.

  27. Hello! thank you very much for uploading the Elekid wallpaper is my favorite, do an excellent job! Congratulations and continued well!

  28. i don’t know if this is the place for requests but… squirtle squad leader? 😀 i freakin love these wallpapers

  29. How about on Halloween you make a background of a halloween pokemon, like Chandelure or Drifbilm or Umbreon. That would be cool

  30. Your wallpapers are amazing 😀 Is there any way you could do one of latias and latios together because they are such cuties together or just latios since you have already done latias :]
    thank you for putting beautiful papers on my screen

  31. Can I please make a request?
    I really love your wallpapers and would love to see Tauros as he is one of my favorite pokemon!
    So, if you can please do Tauros soon:)

  32. Aggron, Vibrava, Donphan, Empoleon, and Kabutops.

    I know that’s a bunch, I’m trying to make wall papers with your images of me and my friends’ dream teams. These are that’s missing. Just tossing it out there.
    Love these pics

  33. Hey I just stumbled on this site and I love the BGS. I only have one question and that is may I use some of these to put onto a hoodie sweater I plan on making for my best friends birthday?

  34. Funny, you started late but your game of choice is still the fan favorite Gold/Silver. It’s cool that your first experience with it was the enhanced remake. You’re so spoiled now. Back in the day, are Pokemon games were crappy but we loved them anyway.

    1. haha yeah, I am spoiled with the DS games. I went back to play Emerald after White, and it felt so primitive XD

      Though sometimes I do with I played the older games, for nostalgia sake or something, haha

  35. Oh, wow! I just discovered your site, and am AMAZED by your wallpapers! It seems you’ve found the PERFECT background colours for countless Pokemon! In fact, I loved your Rotom so much that I made it my avatar! (Don’t worry, your copyright is still there) Anyways, looks like I might have to make this my new homepage!

  36. You’re legit at making backgrounds and I’m wondering if you could make a latios one and a granbull one. If you could that would fricking amazing.

  37. Your walls are awesome. May i use the Quagsire one to print it on a T-shirt, it’ll be only for me, and of course, if somebody ask me about it,
    i’ll be giving them your blog address.

  38. It’s a great idea.
    I’m wondering if you could make a latios wallpaper, please! D:
    The website is great too

  39. I love your wallpapers!
    If it wouldn’t be to much to ask could you by chance to Articuno? I love the legendary birds:)

  40. Hey, I was wondering if I could use your pokewalls to make a personalized custom rubik’s cube. I am making this just for me and not redistributing or sell it, which I don’t believe violates the terms of use, but I did want to ask anyway just so you would know. I can also take pictures of it and upload them if you would like.

  41. I love those pictures and are always on my screen… Please there are still a couple to do: 005-015-045-68-78-90-97-103-112-125- 150-159-178-198-210-223-232-242-247-260-281-342-351-364-368-375-392-411-428-454-479(grass)-482-487-497-521-531-544-549-567-571-586-594-601-615-621-639!!! C’mon you can do it!!!!<3

  42. hi maplerose
    i love your work,
    i’ve been trying to make wallpapers like this but i don’t even know which software use. Please, there’s any way that you could teach me how to make them, like a tutorial or something?
    i’d be really thankful if your help me.

  43. hi, i’m a big fan of yours.
    there’s any chance of make a mewtwo wallpaper?, is my favorite pokémon.
    please and thanks :3
    greetings from colombia

  44. I’ve saved so many of these wallpapers because they’re all amazing. Looking forward to Mewtwo, Giratina (both formes), plain ol’ Kyurem, Machamp, Archeops and Blissey.

    I will be checking this blog regularly. Keep up the excellent work!

  45. There is an app in the Google Market called Pikachu TVO using your Pikachu wallpaper- I wasn’t sure if they contacted you about it or not

  46. hey I love what you’ve done for your blog and the story about how you found Pokemon late is very interesting, I grew up with Pokémon and although it was awesome, you can’t enjoy it to it’s full extent until you’re older anyway 🙂

  47. Heyo MapleRose!! I really love and enjoy your wallpapers!! And I wanted to suggest or request you to make a wallpaper for Luxray. It’s some of my long time favorites! But other than that, the site is awesome and keep up the good work!! 😀

  48. Hi! I really love your works! (Just saying 😛 )
    Also, I’m referencing you in my year 12 art diary (as structural inspiration for my major artwork) but I was wondering if you would be able to tell me just some basic things about your background and how you make your art and such, just so I can write it up in the art diary?
    Thanks! 😀

  49. Pokewalls are beyond awesome Im obsessed to be honest. Now I have a suggestion that I would love to see, for starters I’m an up and coming clothing line based in VA called AcKnowledgeHBK but anyways my suggestion would be to do a black and white version for all the pokemon you’ve done as another concept to the ones you’ve done I think it would be pretty bad ass to see pokemon such as garchomp or arrgon blacked out blended in to the “wall” background.

  50. Hey Maplerose, I was wondering if it would be alright to make a Windows themepack from your wallpapers. It won’t much be any different from using them as plain wallpapers except the themepack would change the color scheme of Windows depending on the wallpaper.

    I had already made a theme a long time ago here with just 25 pokemon. With credits and referrals of course.


    Would it be alright to make a new themepack with all 151 pokemon for Gen I?

  51. Hi MapleRose! Your artwork is awesome, would you mind if I used some on our site, of course with links back to you? 🙂

  52. Hey, I was just wondering if you’ve considered making any of these into vector graphics? I have a HiDPI monitor (4k) and even the largest resolution is a bit blurry. It’d be a lot of work to convert them (inkscape has a ‘trace bitmap’ feature that seems to work okay, but it’s not perfect e.g. it messed up your watermark when I tried it), but once done you could export them to any 16:9 resolution you want, even if we have 200k resolution monitors ten years from now.

  53. I love the artwork, yours are pretty much the only wallpapers I like using. I was wondering if you had any plans to do an updated for Charizard.

  54. Your wallpapers are so great! I download one every time I catch a new Pokemon. Slight issue though, I caught a shiny Gloom and shiny Glalie. Would it be possible for you to do more shiny wallpapers? Thanks!

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