Terms of Use

  • You may use these for your own wallpaper collection
  • You may make layouts / signatures with these images. Credit (linkback to this site) would be appreciated
  • You may print these out for your own use
  • Please don’t redistribute and claim as your own
  • Please don’t hotlink to the images, if you’d like to share, link to the post instead
  • Please don’t use these images for profit (ie selling prints, shirts, buttons, or any derivative product)

Thank you!


19 thoughts on “Terms of Use

  1. You would make a killing on Spoonflower.com I make Nintendo DS (DSi, 3DS and 3DS XL) game bags and I am looking for pokemon images to use for the flaps of the bags. Your pictures would be great for that. I would so bought from you if you would up load these pics to Spoonflower.com

  2. Hi I would like to use these images for a wallpaper chrome extension I’m making. If I visibly display the link and give all credit to you (this site) for these images, am I allowed to use them? Please email me back, I love your site!

      1. Hi, I’m so sorry for not responding!! I didn’t think to check back to this post (I thought you would email me if you were to respond)
        The extension I made is literally just for fun (just provides a wallpaper using your art). The extension is free and I think I gave sufficient credit back to this site, but please let me know if I didn’t do enough or if there’s anything else you’d like for me to do.
        I just published the extension today and you can find it here: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/pokepaper/fkodgjfandeejelfnbogbebgefcbomci?hl=en-US&gl=US

    1. Dear MapleRose,

      I have been using your wallpapers when I was in high school. My company recently engaged in a project which we are very fortunate to cooperate with a licensee of Pokemon.

      I proposed the idea of using your work instead of others. May I know how I can contact you via email so I can give you more details about our project?

      We are a Hong Kong company and my colleagues are impressed by your work.


  3. Hello,
    Could I use one of your images for a custom printed playmat? It would be a one-of, used for personal TCG play and not reproduced to sell. Thanks!

  4. Thank you for the Pokemon pictures! Well done, they work good with the explanation of each individual poke’. Very nice.

  5. Hi I’d like to use these images for a simple countdown app I’m making in the App Store. Based on the comments here it seems I should be okay, the app will be completely free with no ads and I will of course give you credit and a link back to here! Email with any questions, thank you

  6. Hello, I would like to use your image of #94 Gengar for a skin on a gaming console. I would buy the skin through a company called DecalGirl and this would be for my personal use only. I was wondering if you would accept this, as long as I credit you?
    Thanks for your awesome wallpapers!

  7. Hi!
    I’m creating an app and I was wondering if I could use some of your images. The app consists of a wallpaper app, free app.

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