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New eeveelution!

Edit: Video!

English name is Sylveon. Type is still a secret though. But judging by its English name, it could be based on “sylph”, can mean

1. A slim, graceful woman or girl.
2. In the occult philosophy of Paracelsus, a being that has air as its element.


New Eeveelution in Gen VI!! Japanese name is Ninfia, type, ability, English name currently unknown. It will make its debut in the Pikachu short before the Genesect movie, titled “Pikachu and Eevee Friends”.

Ninfia with the other eeveelutions
Promo art for the Pikachu Short for the Genesect movie. Image from Bulbapedia

What do you think of Ninfia? What type do you think it is? My first instinct was Flying. Nin = nimbasa? Its “hair” style kind of reminds me of Skyla. But it could also be plausible as Normal, Fighting, Dragon, or even a new type (“Light” ??)

It’s also really really pink and girly-looking, haha. Do you think it’ll still be 75% male? Or is this female-only. How does it evolve from Eevee?
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Bonus – Experience gain challenge

Did something fun today:

Trying to get the most experience gain, and most level gain, at once.

In White 2 White Tree Hollow, I’m fighting against a level 82 trainer Blissey (which yields the most experience), using a level 1 traded Happiny (because it’s in the Fast growing group) holding a Lucky Egg, using Exp boost +3, and defeating the Blissey with a level 100 Pokemon.

The result is a LOT of experience =D

Though I wonder if the number is capped though, because I did some calculating afterwards, and I should have gotten a lot more.

Gen 6 announcement!!

*Flails* Pokemon X and Pokemon Y has been announced, coming out worldwide for 3DS in October 2013 (for the first time, the games are releasing at the same time worldwide)!


I totally got up at 6am to watch the Nintendo Direct announcement. This is so exciting!

The Fire starter is so adorable! *cuddles it* Hopefully it’s not a Firefighter again XD The Grass starter had me confused when I first saw it; I thought it was the fire starter, ’cause it sort of looks like a cross between Tepig and Oshawott, with a grass coat, haha.

The legendaries look kinda cool, but also kinda creepy. I like the deer thing (presumably X? Xerneas), it reminds me of the deer in Princess Mononoke. (the bird is named Yveltal) But yay finally not Dragon type legendaries! (?)

It looks like there’ll be a combination of old Pokemon and new Pokemon. Perhaps even new evolutions of old Pokemon? *hopes for more Eeveelutions*

The gameplay looks interesting, and yay for 3D (the player character still looks rather chibi though)! And 3D models instead of sprites! Which means better animations, I hope.

Official site

Bonus – Cute Legendaries

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Yesterday was the 2-year anniversary of this blog! Including this post, there are 624 entries (not all of them are wallpapers though, there are some bonus posts like this one). I have less than 50 left to go. probably would’ve been done by now if I didn’t slack off so much XD. Thank you for all your support!

Also also, in about 7 hours, Nintendo is going to announce something worldwide about Pokemon. Presumably something big, and maybe related to Eevee? I can’t wait to see what it is. Gen 6 perhaps? and thus more Pokemon for me to make wallpapers of