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Gen 6 announcement!!

*Flails* Pokemon X and Pokemon Y has been announced, coming out worldwide for 3DS in October 2013 (for the first time, the games are releasing at the same time worldwide)!


I totally got up at 6am to watch the Nintendo Direct announcement. This is so exciting!

The Fire starter is so adorable! *cuddles it* Hopefully it’s not a Firefighter again XD The Grass starter had me confused when I first saw it; I thought it was the fire starter, ’cause it sort of looks like a cross between Tepig and Oshawott, with a grass coat, haha.

The legendaries look kinda cool, but also kinda creepy. I like the deer thing (presumably X? Xerneas), it reminds me of the deer in Princess Mononoke. (the bird is named Yveltal) But yay finally not Dragon type legendaries! (?)

It looks like there’ll be a combination of old Pokemon and new Pokemon. Perhaps even new evolutions of old Pokemon? *hopes for more Eeveelutions*

The gameplay looks interesting, and yay for 3D (the player character still looks rather chibi though)! And 3D models instead of sprites! Which means better animations, I hope.

Official site

Bonus – Cute Legendaries

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Yesterday was the 2-year anniversary of this blog! Including this post, there are 624 entries (not all of them are wallpapers though, there are some bonus posts like this one). I have less than 50 left to go. probably would’ve been done by now if I didn’t slack off so much XD. Thank you for all your support!

Also also, in about 7 hours, Nintendo is going to announce something worldwide about Pokemon. Presumably something big, and maybe related to Eevee? I can’t wait to see what it is. Gen 6 perhaps? and thus more Pokemon for me to make wallpapers of

Bonus – Johto Starters

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Bonus wallpaper!

So yeah, I kinda took an unexpected hiatus from wallpaper-making and blog-maintaining ^^; Instead of trying to catch up (and thus flooding with multiple posts), I think I’ll just start posting tomorrow (Aug 3rd). Thanks for your patience etc etc.

Meanwhile, have a wallpaper of the Johto starters!

p.s. To those requesting Mewtwo, I’m saving it for the end, since it seems to be an appropriate “last Pokewall”

Bonus – Unova Starters

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Bonus wallpaper!

I’ve been slaking (pun intended) for the past week or so, and I’ve finally caught up (thus the spam of wallpapers today). I’ve been leaving the descriptions blank though, I’ll catch up to those eventually…..

So yeah, bonus wallpaper of the Unova starters. My favourite is Snivy, what’s yours?

Bonus – Team Candice

Game on!

As I may have mentioned somewhere in the About section, I’ve been doing a Candice cosplay for the past few cons. Tomorrow I’ll be going to Anime North in my cosplay. I’ll be part of a group of Gym Leaders (and Elite 4), the CTRL-A Gym Leader Squad. We’ve been going as a group for a few cons, where people with a DS and a copy of Black/White can come and challenge us. Winners will get a badge.

It’s a lot of fun. I’ve built an Ice team using Candice’s Pokemon from Platinum rebattle team + Walrein. It holds up pretty well.

I’m not sure how many of you guys are in the area or are going to Anime North. But if you are, come find us! We’ll be wandering around the con, but will mostly be hanging out in the Sheraton hotel (where gaming is held).

Bonus – Kanto Starters

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Bonus Wallpaper!

I went back to the older posts (for the last month) and filled in the descriptions. Phew. And as an apology for being late with the wallpapers and not putting the descriptions in on time, here’s a bonus wallpaper of the Kanto starters.

(I’ll update the archives and edit older posts with requests when I have better Internet in a few days)

Pokemon Black 2 and White 2

I debated on whether I should make this post or not, because this blog is supposed to be only for wallpapers. But with the new news about Black 2 and White 2, I’m pretty excited and wanted to share my thoughts.


(yay I saw wild Eevee!!)

(source from Serebii)

Pokemon Black 2 and White 2 is set in Unova 2 years after Black/White. You play as brand new trainers, starting in a brand new city, and have a new rival, and be part of a new story. Unlike the remakes of Emerald and Platinum, Black 2 and White 2 are new games.

Areas have been changed and updated. The construction on Route 4 has been finished, and there are new areas, including at least 2 new cities with new gym leaders (Water and Poison type). However, the east side of Unova has been covered by ice and presumably inaccessible.
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Bonus – Fire and Ice

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As a sort of apology for being late with updates lately, I’ll put up this bonus wallpaper.

Okay, if you look closely at the signature, it’s not exactly new. I made this some time ago, for a wallpaper contest. I didn’t win the round, but I had fun making this wallpaper, and I liked the end result.

Where’s Zapdos? Off alone somewhere, he doesn’t fit the theme of “fire and ice” XD