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All the files are .zip, and contains all the wallpapers of the Pokemon of a Generation, including shiny or alternate versions that I’ve made.

Because WordPress doesn’t allow zip files, the files are hosted on MediaFire. You shouldn’t need an account to download them, though sometimes you’ll need to enter a captcha.

Please let me know if there are broken links or if you have trouble downloading.

Gen 1 – 1600×1200
Gen 1 – 1920×1080
Gen 1 – 1920×1200

Gen 2 – 1600×1200
Gen 2 – 1920×1080
Gen 2 – 1920×1200

Gen 3 – 1600×1200
Gen 3 – 1920×1080
Gen 3 – 1920×1200

Gen 4 – 1600×1200
Gen 4 – 1920×1080
Gen 4 – 1920×1200

Gen 5 – 1600×1200
Gen 5 – 1920×1080
Gen 5 – 1920×1200

Gen 6 – 1600×1200
Gen 6 – 1920×1080
Gen 6 – 1920×1200

Gen 7 – 1600×1200
Gen 7 – 1920×1080
Gen 7 – 1920×1200

Megas – 1600×1200
Megas- 1920×1080
Megas – 1920×1200

40 thoughts on “Download Archive

  1. I noticed there were some errors in the GenII archive. Some of the Pokemon (EX: Heracross) were mis-numbered and mis-named.

    1. ^ I mean in the image itself. The file is numbered and named correctly. Heracross is labeled as 628-Braviary (this is in the 1920×1200 version)

  2. I’m absolutely in love with your artworks. Please, don’t ever stop making these wallpapers. I’m always using them in my desktop or as my smartphone’s wallpapers. ❤ Luv luv luv luv

  3. hey big guy!!! I love your artwork ! man! it’s awesome.. release gen 6! also make the pokeball versions.. and the special items like the scenic ones (ruby/sapphire, dark/light stone, rainbow/silver wing.. etc.. just as long as they play an important role in the game/ legendaries)

  4. Your wallpapers are amazing and are easily one of the best looking around:) Very very good job and thank you!

  5. Hi Pokewalls! I found a mistake… In 1600×900 Gen III, the Pokewall Cacnea appears with the number and name of Scraggy (#559 Scraggy). Hope you fix the mistake 😀

  6. i like maple roses drawing and I cant belive that this website has all maple rose’s
    drawings (maple rose made them not the web site)

  7. Love the work. Any chance you will update the alt versions in the archives? Couldn’t find Leafeon alt version in the Gen 4 archive.

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