Redbubble – Store Link

  • Graphic T-shirts, bags, cushions, phone cases, mugs

TeePublic – Store Link

  • T-shirts, laptop cases, phone cases, mugs

Ko-fi – Link

  • Buy me Ko-fi


Q: Why do you have a store on different sites?

A: For clothing items, in the spirit of Pokewalls, I want the base colour of the shirt to be the background colour of the wallpaper (ie I don’t want just a square cutout in the front of a shirt).  Each site offers something different that lets me achieve that goal. Redbubble has graphic t-shits that lets me define a base colour for the front of the shirt, whereas TeePublic offers a wider variety of base t-shirt colours that lets me create Pokewall t-shirts.

Q: Why don’t you have a shirt of [insert Pokemon name]? / Why isn’t [insert Pokemon name] available on a mug / pillowcase / notebook cover?

A: If you would like to see something for a Pokewall that’s not in the shop, or would like to see a design on a product not available, please leave a comment either here, or on Pokewalls. I’m still in the process of adding things, but I’m also not sure what people would want to buy.

Keep in mind that TeePublic has a limited number of colours available, so not every Pokewall can be made into a T-shirt nicely. However, I can make Graphic T-shirts on Redbubble of pretty much any Pokewall because it lets me define the base colour of the shirt.

Q: Will you open a shop on [Insert site here]?

A: Maybe. I’ll have a look at the site and see if it lets me create things I want to create.